The Art of Gifting

Thoughtful gifting is the ultimate language of love, a real opportunity to show our loved ones how much we care. Our luxury crackers have a generous space inside for you to fill with that perfect treat. Stuck for ideas? Here are a few of our favourites:
  • Lottery tickets with each guests' birthday for the numbers
  • Packets of seeds to grow favourite plants and herbs
  • Mini jars of homemade chutney
  • Homemade seasoning packs to make favourite family recipes
  • Keyring with a QR code to a playlist of favourite songs
  • IOU drink voucher for a local bar
  • Mini candles with personalised labels
  • Handmade soaps
  • Mini jars of homemade salt scrubs
  • Personalised golf ball
  • Miniature perfume or aftershave
  • Charity pin badges
  • Photo keyring
  • Locket with a photo inside
  • Refillable eco pen
  • Brain teaser puzzle
  • Friendship bracelet making kit
Want to give something bulky?
  • Include a handwritten note directing to a hiding place
  • Include a raffle ticket in each cracker corresponding to a wrapped gift under the tree

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