Personalisation makes us happy!

It's official, receiving personalised things made just for us releases endorphins in the brain! Why is that? The psychology shows that, beyond our basic needs, we as humans crave to be seen and heard for who we really are. This might be getting a bit deep but hear us out. Receiving a token from someone we love who has taken the time to think about us is a huge boost. Whether it's a lottery ticket with the numbers of our birthday or an engraved watch, these gestures count.

We know this and that is why every one of our luxury crackers comes with a blank chalkboard name tag ready for you to add the names of your favourite people, and ready to fill with a little token of your love. So you can rest assured that as everyone sits at the table they will get a hit of the happy hormones as they realise that they have been kept in mind. Guaranteed to melt even the Scroogiest of hearts.

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